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Lovina surf camp, Sumatra, Krui, review.



Throughout a three month trip to Indonesia, I visited all the 7 main surfing islands from Rote to Sumatra. Along the way I stayed in many different surf camps. Although most places were pretty good, one place was an absolute stand out. Lovina surf camp, which is in front of the wave Ujung Bocur, (30 km’s south of Krui) is the place that I most want to go back to. The room (I was in one of the A frame bungalows you see in the website) was spacious, clean and cool. The food was the best quality I had eaten throughout the trip (possibly with the exception of a few expensive Bali restaurants) and the quantity was such that I often had to leave some on the plate.

But the best part was the atmosphere. Although the residents ranged from teenagers to the semi-retired, including surfing groups and individual travelers, a friendly, relaxed yet energetic atmosphere just kept bubbling out from the young family that own and run the place. I loved Marthen’s homestay in Sumba, which also had a great vibe, but this place had it better! (maybe because the also had electricity!)

I also found that  Lovina surf camp was flexible about their booking dates, if they have availability, meaning that you can book for less than 10 days duration, unlike several of the other local camps.