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Cabanas de Gigante

There are places you don’t write reviews about. You don’t write them because the review might cause more people to go, and then it won’t be what you wrote about. Surfing was the first adventure sport. And it invented the idea of the secret location. But what if you are a struggling Nicaraguan, with all your savings invested in a two room hotel. A single mum that needs to catch a bus for four hours to medical care through the dust and heat, when your daughter is sick. Who when she is isn’t sick, which she almost always isn’t, is more welcoming and relaxed than a person seems to have a right to be. This is the place you really want to go to if you are surfing in Nicaragua. The town of Gigante, the wave Colorado, the restaurant Mare Mar, and Bimania’s little hotel, Cabana’s de Gigante. Google the wave. This is the town near it, not the gringo ghetto in front. The rooms are comfy, private, secure and air conditioned. Lobster dinner’s you can’t finish for 5 bucks or so. Liters of beer for less than $2 and the best rum in the world for about $6 a half liter. Beautiful, friendly and world class waves. Enough of a party but normally a quiet fisherman’s beach. I love these people, and I never say that. The last thing I want is more people to go there, but then, I know that’s what they need. It’s an $80 taxi ride from Managua airport, which seems cheap now, but you can get there on buses through Rivas for about $5. It is about $30 from San Juan. Also there is an excellent Spanish school in the town with private lessons for between $5 and $10 per hour. I came for a weekend and stayed for 4 months. I have no financial connection at all to anyone there. Ask for Omar. He’s the only taxi driver and he’s a dude. And Birmania, the hotel owner, she’s a stunner.

Qype: Torres del Paine in Santiago


One of the great treks of the world. I think. Crazy peaks with untold climbing potential. Everything is beautiful and unique.
There are two trails. One is a 7 day circuit that circumnavigates the mountains – the other is a four of five day walk that wanders around the lakes and takes in walks up to the three main saddles.
Everything here is geared towards the walker having a safe and comfortable time whilst being out in the extremes. You can sleep inside accomodation every night. You can eat in restaurants. There are little shops that sell cold beer and wine and the trails are patrolled regularly by rangers.
Getting in and out of the park can be organised by any hotel in Puerto Arenas, a place that is well worth a visit itself.
(If you are following my recent posts then, yes, I have just discovered the youtube adaption and am going through my back catalogue of holiday vids)

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Madam Jo Jo’s

I wanted something a little exciting to do with my fiancee, after we had recently gotten engaged, so after researching the west end on the net, I decided to take her to the Kitch Cabaret here on a Saturday night.
Now I new that it was a a drag show, but we are pretty open minded and I thought that it might be quite a spectacle.
Really the mention of discounts for hens nights along with the price of strippers – should have given me some heads up about what to expect!
Anyway off we went. Had a little trouble finding the place and we were a little bit flustered even before we got to the door. The door itself was engourged with about 20 already drunk women, all dressed in pink and wearing cowboy hats.
The venue was to be a surprise for my fiancee, and as such unknown to her, so I quickly walked past the entrance and dragged her under a shop front. I do weird things sometimes so she wasn’t that concerned by my odd behavoir and subsequent look of panic.
It was very clear to me that I had accidently booked a specialist hens night venue – not at all as I’d imagined it would be – which was a dark romantic table from the high school musical version of Cabaret I’d seen as a teenager.
I explained this to her and she laughed and dragged me inside.
There were four seperate hens groups, and appart from the waiters and the cast, (who were of course dressed as women) I was the only man – except for the bathroom assistant guy who really must have one of the least profitable jobs in London.
I set about getting really drunk, while each hens group in turn got a different stripper to dance for them.
After the third beer I began to really mellow, and I must say, as advice for single men, there could be no more gauranteed place to pull chicks than a venue like this. You had to wade through the estroegen to get to the bar.
After a while – the main act came on. They were fantastic. I’ve never really seen men dressed as women singing to groups of wild women before, but I thought they performed wonderfully. Genuine entertainment, funny, powerful voices and great dancing and costumes.
The food was late and a bit ordinary and as it was the early session we got hearded out very quickly after it finished.
The best thing though was that my fiancee loved it. She was jumping up and down and taking photo’s and dancing and singing.
I won’t be going back to this night but It was a really fun evening. Just so funny watching so many women, so ecstatic, watching a bunch of blokes dressed as girls singing Abba.