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Qype: The Slug And Lettuce in London

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I have no loyalties to any chain bars. Generally I hate the idea of same same experience in different places. That’s why Nando’s shouldn’t be on church st.
But I can’t dislike a place just because it’s a part of a chain, and I admit to having had at least two great nights in this pub. It happens that one was a work party and everything was free and the other would probably have been a great night anyway given the company.
Actually I was in Timeout magazine for the first one – very drunk.
Anyway it’s a little like a McDonalds in China this place, a comforting bit of ordinary in exotic surrounds. Standard beer, food etc. The downstairs room is an excellent place for functions. If you had a free slug voucher then I would spend it here.
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Qype: Pin Oak ct (Ramsey St) in Melbourne


You can give it one star of 5 depending if you like that kind of thing. This is where Neighbours is filmed – at least the street shots. I grew up about two streets across and my friend Ben used to live in Mrs Mangels house.
You can get here easiest by catching the train to Glen Waverley station and then getting a bus or walking down Springvale rd.
Honestly I don’t know what kind of weirdo would want to do that – although we did use to get a few tourists on our school bus and yes, they were all English.
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Qype: Melbourne airport in Melbourne


Kind of a sentimental place. When the customs guy says to you “Welcome Back!” rather than “So why do you want to come the UK? Sorry this visa isn’t valid, you’ll just have to wait over there, I don’t care if you need the toilet, DON’T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT SIR!”

Really a good airport though. I’ve never had a delay, there is excellent shopping, toilet, eating, drinking facilities. The customs people are thourough, friendly and have cute little dogs.

Unfortunately it’s not connected by rail to Melbourne yet. That’s a bummer and it’s planned to happen but might be a few years off yet. The bus is ok. Takes about twenty minutes or so and costs about eight pound. Bit pricey really.
Lot’s of parking however, and as all Australians are born with at least one car each, this is how we normally get to and from the place.
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Qype: Siwa in Cairo


Egypt is many things in the imagination. Not least amongst the younger genreations a place with great nightlife and beaches.
For me though, more than the pyramids even, Egypt is tiny patches of life thriving out in the desert. The Oasis.
The most far out and exotic Oasis I visited, and I think I’ve visited most of them, is Siwa on the Lybian border.
I arrived here late at night after a long bus ride and was greated by boys driving taxi carts pulled by donkeys that drove us around a town lit with candle lanterns. I kid you not. It was during a power failure and their are normal cars and the donkey thing is mostly for tourists – but it set the magical mood.
The oasis is large and contains the usual date palms, pools of water and mud clad flat roofed houses. There were no banks though, no big hotels and no alcohol. The form of religion practiced ensured that women were completely covered – even their faces when in public.
Just walking around and experiencing the place is adventure enough, but the truely exciting thing to do is to head out into the local desert on an overnight safari.
I have never felt so “out there” as I did on the evening I did that. (because we got left “out there” but thats a different story)
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Qype: Docklands Stadium in Melbourne


Melbourne’s second AFL stadium and it’s only purpose built one. It has a very different atmosphere to the MCG.
It’s all new and clean and shiny and a little bit more clinical. Having said that it has a retractable roof which, when closed, makes all the sound reverberate. Imagine 50,000 mad and drunk Australians yelling at the tops of their voices in a closed room?
Also because it’s smaller and the seats are designed well and steep, you can see the action very well form all vantage points.
Beer and pies are a bit more expesive than the G and so is entry, but I admit that I do enjoy watching games here.
Oh and they have concerts and other shows like soccer as well but I don’t bother with that.
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Qype: The Good Mixer in London


I feel like I must be spelling this place wrong or something cause I can’t believe I’m the first to review it. This place is an institution (I don’t know what that means – but people say it about popular places – a menal insitution – the mechanics institution? weird complimentative adjective..)
It’s a cool place. Lot’s and Lot’s of weird people, and not the pretend weird tourist types on the high st but the proper camden weirdos that create the scene that brings the tourists in the first place.
It sells beer, has live bands and a pool table. It has a real atmosphere that you will probably love or be totally repulsed by. I quite like it.
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Qype: Queen Charlotte Track in Christchurch


This is not only one of the worlds great walks in one of the worlds most beautiful locations, but it is also one of the most fun, best organised and best serviced.
What happens is that you get dropped out by boat to the end of the walk, or as far as you want to go, along a hilly peninsula. You then make your way back to the town of Picton, taking as long as you want, but generally up to about 6 days.
The walk is a constant series of up downs hills that provide ulternatively spectacular views or access to the beach.
What makes it even better is that at least twice a day you will walk past a pub. These have beach access and accomodation.
I walked the whole path but many people just walk little sections and spend time relaxing along the way. They will even take your bag to the next campsite so that you can walk along unencumbered.
Awsome place.
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